Colloquy for Ministers of Religion-Commissioned

What is colloquy?

Colloquy is a certification process for professional church workers. It assures that the individual has been properly educated in the doctrines and practices of the Synod and commits to serve the Synod in a specific role as a professional church worker such as teacher, director of Christian education, Christian outreach, parish music, parish family life, deaconess, director of church ministries, or parish pastor. Upon certification, an individual is classified as “minister of religion-commissioned” or “minister of religion-ordained” (ordained refers only to parish pastors).

Who should be colloquized?

Individuals who wish to serve the church in professional roles but have not been certified by the church to perform the duties prescribed by Synod are eligible to apply for colloquy.

The Colloquy Process

Colloquy programs prepare men and women who are currently serving in ministry roles for membership in Synod as Ministers of Religion-Commissioned. These programs ensure that those who seek to join the Synod have been educated in theology, have become oriented to service to the Synod and have demonstrated the professional and spiritual attributes that the Synod expects of its members.

Qualified applicants are those who are competent workers in the field for which they seek colloquy. If you are interested in pursuing colloquy as a Minister of Religion-Commissioned, please complete this application by following the directions outlined.

The [LCMS] Colloquy Committee for Commissioned Ministry directs the Synod activities in matters of colloquies for commissioned ministers. (2019 Handbook Bylaw This includes determining prerequisites for colloquy application, required courses of study, and internship expectations. The committee will also establish and monitor academic and theological standards for each of the colloquy programs. The Colloquy Policy Manual outlines the current policies and procedures.

Teacher Colloquy via CUEnet


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By fostering collaboration and employing technology at the behest of the campuses of Concordia University System to facilitate access from a distance to the educational programs of the congregations, high schools, colleges, universities, seminaries and other agencies of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, CUEnet serves the educational objectives of the Synod, functions as a collective symbol of LCMS higher education, encourages creativity and innovation, operates as a catalyst for the exchange of intellectual property and human resources, conducts research in the design and delivery of instruction, spreads cost and fiscal exposure, assists in the development of new constituencies and provides professional training.


The Concordia Online Colloquy Program. Colloquy courses online for teachers, Directors of Christian Education, and other professional church workers who seek certification and placement on the roster of the Synod as a Minister of Religion—Commissioned. Each course is college-level, interactive and uses a wide variety of technologies to enhance learning. The courses contain video-streamed lectures by professors who serve as faculty members at the universities and seminaries of the Synod and are taught by the CUEnet Director of Colloquy and colloquy mentors. The courses available include: Old Testament, New Testament, History of Theology, Lutheran Confessions, Christian Doctrine, Varieties of Beliefs, Lutheran Teacher I and Lutheran Teacher II.

The Seminar Program: Foundations in Lutheran Teaching. Seminar courses available online for teachers serving in Lutheran schools who are otherwise ineligible for the teacher colloquy program. These courses prepare teachers to serve in Lutheran schools with a fuller understanding of Lutheran doctrine and the mission of Lutheran education. Each course contains video-streamed discussions and guidance is provided by the local Lutheran school’s pastor (mentoring guide is provided.) The courses available include: Lutheran Perspectives on the Old Testament, Lutheran Perspectives on the New Testament, History of the Church, Lutheran Doctrine, The Role of the Teacher in a Lutheran School.

    • Tuition
  • Colloquy courses: $675 per course
  • Seminar courses: $59.95 per course

Contact Information

CUEnet 61990 Jannalee Place Bend, OR 97701 1.800.238.3037

For Colloquy in Other Ministry Areas

Director of Christian Outreach:

Concordia Univ. St. Paul St. Paul, MN

Director of Family Life:

Concordia Univ. Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI

Concordia University, Nebraska Seward, NE


Concordia Univ. Chicago River Forest, IL

Director of Church Ministries:

Concordia Univ. Wisconsin Mequon, WI

Director of Christian Education:

Concordia Univ. Irvine, CA

Concordia Univ. Chicago River Forest, IL

Concordia Univ. St. Paul St. Paul, MN

Concordia Univ., Nebraska Seward, NE

Concordia Univ. Texas Austin, TX

Director of Parish Music:

Concordia Univ. Irvine, CA

Concordia Univ. Chicago River Forest, IL

Concordia Univ. St. Paul St. Paul, MN

Concordia Univ., Nebraska Seward, NE

Concordia University Texas Austin, TX

Concordia Univ. Wisconsin Mequon, WI