CUS Expense Form

Link to Travel Expense Report

The document is an Excel spreadsheet. If you download the file you can type directly into the spreadsheet and it will calculate totals. If you put the form on your computer, you can leave your own information in the blanks for future trips. HOWEVER, note that there will be a new edition each January to reflect the mileage reimbursement rate.

To print: RIGHT CLICK on the link and select “Print Target” (or the equivalent command on your software) To download: RIGHT CLICK on the link and select “Save Target As” (Netscape: select “Save Link As”).

Specific Instructions

  1. Social Security number is required.
  2. Dates: In middle portion of form, fill in the date across the top line for each day you have expenses.
  3. Mileage: Fill in actual number of miles driven. The form will automatically calculate the dollar amount based on the current IRS rate. If you rented a car, use the line designated for that expense.
  4. Meals: Include tips on the line with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Meals charged to the hotel bill must be subtracted and then shown on the lines specified for meals.
  5. Guests at meals: Only business (not personal) guests will be reimbursed. Be sure to write the names of the guests on the back of the receipt.
  6. Lodging: Only the costs of the room should be included; all other expenses must be placed in their respective categories.
  7. Miscellaneous is for minor expenses not included above: parking, taxis, tolls, telephone calls (business only), limousine, postage, etc. Receipts should be attached for items exceeding $5 in this category whenever possible.
  8. Other is for additional major expenses incurred not included above (e.g., meeting room expenses, copies, etc.). Explain in lines provided.
  9. Print, sign, and submit with accompanying receipts to the address noted at the top of the form (suggestion: tape receipts to a sheet of paper).