Church Vocations

Professional church work is a noble Christian vocation. It is an opportunity to serve and care for the people of God in their faith-life journey and to be a witness to the world. Church professionals prepare themselves to better understand the teachings of the Scriptures for application to the lives of people—from the very young to the elderly. They lead by teaching, preaching and leading an exemplary Christian life.

What are Professional Church Work Vocations?

Looking toward the future can be exciting…and scary…and both…all at once. One thing’s for sure, though. God has given you gifts, skills and abilities that make you the unique person you already are and the person you will become.

Perhaps you’ve already thought about how you will use those gifts. Perhaps you’ve thought about using those gifts in the church. Explore the diverse possibilities of church work professions.

The following vocations represent the many ways in which you can serve the Church in its vital ministries.

  • Pastor
  • Teacher
  • Deaconess
  • Director of Christian Education
  • Director of Christian Outreach
  • Director of Church Ministries
  • Director of Family Life Ministry
  • Director of Parish Music

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